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                                                        Town of Beaver Minutes

                                             Town Board Meeting March 8th, 2021

                                                             Beaver Town Hall

Call to order at 6:30pm by Chairperson Bedora

Roll call- Supervisor Gisenas, Supervisor Fendryk, Chair Bedora and Clerk Patz present,

Pledge to the flag

Motion to approve the agenda by Gisenas, second by Fendryk carried

Motion to approve minutes from Feb 8th, 2021 by Fendryk second by Gisenas carried

Change Aprils meeting from April 12th 2021 to Tuesday April 20th 2021 and have the annual meeting to follow.

Clerk’s comments: we had someone call on putting up a fence there are the guidelines for doing this are you have to be sure of your property line, and the rough side is to face the person putting up the fence with the finished side towards the neighbor.

Building Permits

James Burke wanted a variance for a home under the 980 square feet requirement however the board would not approve it, so he will make the home with the entrance way and dwelling to equal the 980 square feet requirement.

Motion to approve by Gisenas 2nd by Fendryk carried.

Paul Van De Walle Variance approved to have a livable dwelling on existing parcel of 1 acrea. This was approved at the September meeting of 2020 but not finished.

Motion to approve variance by Fendryk 2nd by Gisenas carried.

AJ Darga purchased the Barry Kerstian property parcel  Barry will pay the fine and AJ Daraga will make sure the mobile home is moved by June 20th or AJ will take over moving it and any fines that my occur.

Motion made by Gisenas 2nd by Fendryk carried.

Robert put road bands on, March 3rd 2021.

Motion to approve Voucher report by Fendryk 2nd by Gisenas carried.

Motion to approve Treasure’s report by Gisenas, 2nd by Fendryk carried.

Motion to adjourn by Fendryk 2nd by Gisenas carried

Respectfully submitted by

Barb Patz