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        Town of Beaver Annual meeting Minutes

         April 20th 2021 @ 7:30 pm

         Beaver Town Hall W8405 Cty Rd P, Crivitz, WI



Call to order at 7:30pm by Chairperson Bedora

Roll call- Supervisor Gisenas, Supervisor Fendryk, Chair Bedora and Clerk Patz present, Electors present David Patz, Robert Patz, Christopher Gisenas, & Robert Macha.

Motion to approve the agenda by Gisenas, second by Fendryk carried

Motion to approve minutes from May 11th 2020 by David Patz, 2nd by Christopher Gisenas carried.

Joel from Johnson & Rennie accounting presented the 2020 audit in detail,

There were no questions from the electors, motion was made to accept the 2020 audit by Christopher Gisenas & 2nd by David Patz carried.

Motion to adjourn by David Patz 2nd by Christopher Gisenas carried.

Respectfully submitted by

Barb Patz