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                                                        Town of Beaver Minutes

                                             Town Board Meeting November 23rd, 2020

                                                             Beaver Town Hall

Pledge of Allegiance


1. Call to order.

The meeting was called to order @6:30pm, Present were Bedora, Fendryk, Gisenas, Patz and members of the public.


2. Approval of the agenda.

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Fendryk, 2nd by Gisenas carried.


3. Approval of minutes from October 12th 2020 Regular Town Board Meeting.

A motion to approve the minutes from October 12th, 2020 was made by Gisenas 2nd by Fendryk carried.

Clerk’s comments: Our USDA grant needs approval, of which bank to proceed with for additional funds for our tractor.

Motion was made by Fendryk to go with Peshtigo National for a 5 year term with no prepayment penalty for early pay off for the amount of $86,000.00 with $75,000.00 from USDA funds and the difference is to be taken out of the equipment fund.

           Approve moving funds to cover the R2R grant until the state pays us, all expenditures have

           Been approved for the amount of $18,453.38.

           Motion to approve to amend the budget for R2R by Fendryk, 2nd by Gisenas carried.


4. We have our new contract with the Pound Brazeau fire dept for the 2021-2025, there was a increase of $1,000.00.

     Motion to approve new contract by Gisenas, 2nd by Fendryk carried.

Building permits:

Jay Martens approval for an extension form his prior permit from 2019 for one year.

Elsie Shevy:   new modular home EST cost $217,000.00

Jared Biese: garage on cement slab stick built, slab will be done now and finish in spring EST $20,000.00

Motion to approve all building permits by Fendryk, 2nd by Gisenas carried.

Mike and Frances Fendryk asked for a variance as they would like to put on a mud room however it is 73 feet from center of road and not 75 feet. EST cost $8,000.00.

Motion to approve variance by Gisenas, 2nd by Fendryk carried.


5. M& O Assessing Services requested there contract be extended for a 3 year term at the same cost (no increase) of $14,500.00.

Motion was made by Fendryk to approve contract for a 3 year term at $14,500.00, 2nd by Gisenas carried.         


6. Berry Kerstan put an old trailer home on his property without getting any permits and the trailer is over 20 years old. We will send a certified letter to get this removed or fees will apply.


7. Public works report

Robert presented the bid for the new tractor as it is a little higher than the start of the project.

Board approved contract and signed the document. Robert will now go forward and get it ordered.


8. Approval of Voucher report and Treasurers financial report

A motion to approve vouchers by Gisenas, 2nd by Fendryk carried.

A motion to approve Treasurers report by Fendryk 2nd by Gislenas carried.


9. Public comment

Motion to adjourn by Gisenas, 2nd by Fendryk carried.

Minutes submitted by Barb Patz