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                                                        Town of Beaver Minutes

                                             Town Board Meeting Jan 11, 2021

                                                             Beaver Town Hall


Call to order at 6:30pm by Chairperson Bedora

Roll call- Supervisor Gisenas, Supervisor Fendryk, Chair Bedora and Clerk Patz present

Pledge to the flag

Motion to approve the agenda by Gisenas, second by Fendryk carried

Motion to approve minutes from December 14, 2020 by Fendryk, second by Gisenas carried

Building Permits

Brian Lepianka 30 by 32 Storage shed est: cost $15,000.00

Motion to approve building permit by Fendryk, 2nd by Gisenas carried.

We received costs back for the lettering on the town hall so the clerk will contact Mike Galbraith with the cost for replacing the lettering and labor.

Motion to send letter for repairs by Gisenas 2nd by Fendryk carried.

Jennifer Dejardin asked for a variance for her property on 13th and 18th road, however because of the lot size she was told she cannot build on the property.  She can use a camper or a building that is not a permanent structure. She will be allowed to get a water and sewer permit, driveway permit and fire number.

Our certified letter to Barry Kerstan was returned so we will go forward with the court system to follow through on the trailer house over 20 years old and no permits.

We will also work with our court system for dogs at large on 25th rd Amanda Wagner, she does not have any dog licenses. There have been complaints that she is not keeping her dogs under control. We will contact our court system on this matter.

The Board would like the fine (our portion to start out at $250.00)

Motion to start fine out at $250.00 by Fendryk 2nd by Gisenas.

We will allow our hall to be rented again as long as the guidelines are followed for the co-vid pandemic.

Road report by Robert Public works

John Heffernan Is working on property by the Peshtigo boat landing and he does not have any permits, (Robert left a note in the door) Dave Bedora will contact him on this matter.

Robert will continue to work with Marshal on our School forest project.

Motion to approve Voucher report by Gisenas, second by Fendryk carried

Motion to approve Treasure’s report by Fendryk, second by Gisenas carried

Motion to adjourn by Fendryk, second by Gisenas carried.

Respectfully submitted by

Barb Patz